My blurred opinion

Very direct

October 5, 2021

This episode is with Michael Holden.  He is lives all the way in Northern Ireland and he suffers from a neurological disorder called Motor neuron disease, which put him in a wheelchair, and it started to affect him in his late 30s. He talks about the slow deterioration of his body that started with pains in his legs and then moved around throughout the other parts of his body. He was also misdiagnosed for a condition he didn't even have which then drove him down a long road of psychological issues that he needed therapy for. He's had a very up and down rocky road in his so many years, but no matter what he still wants equality and he still speaks out for people who need it most, even though he may not come off the best way to everyone, but if you're kind to him, he will ingratiate you with kindness.  He also talks about his disabled son and how they had to restructure their house to make it wheelchair accessible.

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