My blurred opinion

Open the valve

September 28, 2021

Our next guest is Teri who is a woman I met through my grandma's next-door neighbor, her family was getting rid of a cat which is now my best buddy bullet. She was born with a condition called aorta stenosis, Which means her aorta valve was almost entirely closed. Her doctors and family put restrictions on how much she could do, but she did not listen and I got her in lots of trouble. She had many surgeries including one that would preserve a few extra years of her life by opening up her valve, But even though she nearly died three times through that surgery, she is still alive many years later. She is also the first person to survive that surgery because it was done in 1962. Even though that surgery was a success and did prolong her life, she needed another surgery while she was going through her schooling, but it was also a success. The irony of all the problems he's had with her heart, her heart is the most valuable part of her body,  because she's adopted a lot of children and taking care of them over the years, and she cares about them equally and always wants the best for them. Unfortunately, the health issues continued when she had a massive stroke that paralyzed one side of her body, And also couldn't talk. She is a very tough woman and continues to fight no matter what is thrown at her

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