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Danny the anchor

August 31, 2021

This episode is with Ken Atkins who tells a story about him and his son Dani's journey, And how no matter how bad things got for them Dani was the anchor, and he kept them both going. I Danny suffers from a condition called Angelman syndrome, Which is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system. though Danny   has a low IQ, he is a very smart kid who does know what's going on if you pay attention enough to him. Ken talks about the long periods of time trying to figure out what is wrong with Danny, And t the abandonment of his wife and Danny's mother I could not take it anymore. Ken is a great father and he took this head-on and even though he battled alcohol addiction, and depression, he never gave up on Danny. Ken also had to quit his highly paid job to fully take care of Danny and he also became his personal caregiver. This is a story of an amazing father with an amazing son, and no matter how tough it got, they weather the storm.

Please get his book the silent son here, Or anywhere you can get books


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